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Adventures in Moab

Fiery Furnace

The Fiery Furnace is one of the most unique areas of Arches National Park and recently I was fortunate enough to be able to join one of the Moab Adventure Center guides, Kathleen, on a guided tour through this section of the park.  The Fiery Furnace is a permitted section of Arches, with only 150 … Continued

Awesome Canyoneering Trip and Good Bus Tour

Rating: 5

I had a blast Canyoneering with the Moab Adventure Center.  It was my first time doing a rappel, but the guide made me feel very safe and very confident. The bus tour was good.  It was raining that night, so it had to be cut short. All the guides (and staff!) were very nice and … Continued

Reflecting on Park Ave

I’ll admit it. I’m fortunate. One of America’s beautiful national parks is just five minutes from my front door. In about ten minutes I can be hiking a wonderful trail through a quiet canyon called Park Ave. in Arches National Park. Early morning after a rain is my favorite time to take in all that … Continued

Mostly flat water but still a fun trip

Rating: 5

The guide was great (Stephen).  The water was mostly flat, but there were a few small rapids that were a lot of fun.   Lunch was great too. Mike – UtahMoab Utah Rafting

You won’t regret it

Rating: 5

My wife and I rented a jeep from Canyonlands Jeep Adventures for 3 days in April.  The staff was extremely helpful and friendly.  The jeep was perfect and handled every trail we went on just fine.  If you are going to Moab and want to see the best of it, you have to get off … Continued

Moving to Moab

When my boyfriend, Jacob, was offered a job at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, I recalled the few days my father and I had visited Moab 6 years ago on a road trip that encompassed all 48 continental United States.  I still remember how suprised we were by the beauty of Southern Utah.  The Red Rock, Amazing Canyons, and Breathtaking Scenery.  Based on those few recollections … Continued

Wow….just wow.

Rating: 5

Our group had an awesome time!  Our guide Eric was as knowledgeable as he was entertaining.  He made sure we saw as much on the tour as we could.  A great time was had by all and we’ll be back. William – AtlantaMoab Hummer Tour

Vacation Highlight For Our Teen

Rating: 5

When our 17-year-old heard of our plans for Moab, Utah he said they had to include a jeeping trip or something similar. We surprised our kids with the Sunset Hummer Tour. We all had a great time and highly recommend our guide, Levi. Thanks! Your tour was recommended by a friend of ours. Todd, Utah

Jeepers Creepers Don’t Neglect Those Peepers

Okay, everybody. Summer is just around the corner and it is time to take Ms. Moab Adventure Center very seriously, because I know what I’m talking about….on this subject at least; a topic dear to my heart: Sunglasses. I love sunglasses! The bigger the better if you ask me. I love parading around like a pseudo celebrity!  … Continued