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Adventures in Moab

Go On A Hike With Moab Utah Tours!

If you like to hike, then a must-do hike is the maze-like Fiery Furnace in Moab Utah Arches National Park. You can only access it when you are accompanied by an experienced guide, as the hike twists and turns among contorted orange-tan fins, towers, spires and arches. Moab Adventure Center guides/naturalists lead two-hour hikes in this trackless … Continued

Makel: Training for adventure in Moab.

Here’s another post from one of our new summer trainees. Makel came down during her spring break to learn a few things about a place she’s never been to.  "My weekend in Moab was unforgettable. That’s all there is to it.  I had never been to Moab, and I was a little anxious to see … Continued

Alison: ‘The Adventure of a Moab Novice’…

This one is from Alison, new trainee and Moab first timer. "This weekend I experienced my very first trip to Moab. Thanks to the Moab Adventure Center, it was a totally unforgettable experience. The weekend started out with a Sunset Hummer Safari; complete with exciting off-roading, a hilarious guide, snacks and of course, a beautiful Moab … Continued

Moab Utah River Rafting

If you love to travel and experience adventures outdoors, then you will love visiting Moab, Utah. In Moab people can enjoy many different sights and activities, ranging from hiking to rafting to off-roading. An exciting trip package from Moab Adventure Center, the Signature Moab Multisport, features all three activities in an exciting three day excursion. … Continued

Jace: another newbie!

Last weekend as new employees came down to begin gearing up for the 2010 summer season, some, like Jace, were introduced to a new side of Moab.  Here is what he had to say…"I have been going to Moab every year since I was 10 years old (maybe younger). It quickly became one of my favorite places … Continued

Moab Jeeping

Moab Utah is known around the world as one of the premier off road destinations and for good reason.  The amazing red rock surroundings combined with dense pine forests and mighty rivers make the Utah backcountry a must-see for any outdoor enthusiast. One of the best ways to experience this natural beauty first hand is … Continued

Moab Half Marathon

I love living in a place that offers variety and adventure. It seems like there are many activities and events that are happening year-round in our town of Moab. One of those events happens to be sponsored by the Moab Adventure Center. It is the Moab Half Marathon; just so happens that there are two, Canyonlands Half … Continued

Moab Adventure Travel Vacations

Experience a full day of River Rafting on the Colorado River. The names Onion Creek, Cloudburst, and Whites Rapid are just a few of the rapids you will experience on the full-day adventure of a Moab River Trip.  White Water classifications range from “Class I” to “Class VI”.  As the classification increases, so does the … Continued

Ben: a new Moab Adventure Center trainee…

After bringing down new staff trainees that will be working with us this summer, I challenged them to write about some of their experiences they had. Many of them were coming to Moab for the first time, so they were definitely in for a treat. This post is from Ben, a newbie that’s really excited … Continued