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Adventures in Moab

Moab Car Show … Dreaming the Dream

Vroom…varoom…vaarrrooom, the road noise outside on Moab Main Street is penetrating my office walls and has completely consumed my focus.  How can I possibly concentrate on keeping myself extremely busy and important when pampered engines roar with such pride that my windows shake?  The simple answer: I can’t.   Another Moab Event is underway.  For one weekend and one weekend only, non four-wheel drive vehicles outshine … Continued

Explore The Impassible In Moab

There are some pretty nifty Scenic Flight Tours that allow you to see the beauty of Moab without the strenous activity that some of the other Moab events require from you. Not to mention, if you are the person that loves the strenuous activiites, but just want to be able to explore the impassible, then our flight … Continued

Ms. Moab Adventure Center Blog

Hello, I am the manager of the Moab Adventure Center and former guide of Western River Expeditions (some of you may recognize me from my photo).  Along with my self prescribed title as Ms. Moab Adventure Center comes great blogging responsibility.  Rest assured that I will not disappoint.  I am dedicated to posting only the most interesting and desperately important goings on … Continued

ReThink Moab Events

You may have always wanted to come to Moab to experience the gorgeous scenery, but since you’re not much of an outdoor enthusiast, you haven’t followed through with a trip.  Well, think again about Moab events because you can always take one of our Scenic Flight Tours. Your air journey begins at the Canyonlands Airport, … Continued

Scenic Flights Over Canyonlands National Park

Although you’ve come to Moab for the outdoor adventure it offers, you might not always in the mood to do some of the more strenuous activities.  We understand.  Have you ever taken a plane ride to check out the scenery?  You can do exactly that with our Scenic Flight Tours. The sheer magnificence of the … Continued

Summer Family Vacations

We just got back from Moab, Utah where we took a short spring break vacation with the family.  We liked it so much, we’re going back again for our summer family vacation. This time we just did a few day trips like the Hummer Safari, the half-day rafting trip, and a hike in Arches National … Continued

Moab Rafting Trips In Your Future?

No doubt, you didn’t come to Moab to stay inside!  It’s time to get out there and enjoy some of the great Moab events.  Have you considered doing a rafting trip? Did you know that the Colorado River borders Moab and skirts Arches National Park and cuts through the heart of Canyonlands National Park? Nearby, the historic and … Continued

Moab Mountain Biking And The Moab Slickrock Trail

Whether you are just now learning to mountain bike or have been mountain biking for years, no doubt you have heard how Moab is the mountain biker’s dream. Many cyclists first heard about Moab when word spread about the Moab Slickrock Trail which loops through an expanse of rippled, undulating sandstone resembling a frozen, orange … Continued

Great Moab Events

As you might have guessed there are plenty of outdoor Moab events.  In fact, Moab’s variety of attractions and activities draws visitors from around the globe. To help you decide how to spend your time in this redrock playground, we have compiled information on over 30 of the best trips in Southern Utah. Our Day … Continued