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Adventures in Moab

Where to lay me down to sleep? Part One

As far as Moab Accommodations go, you are definitely spoiled for choice, depending on the level of adventure you’re hoping to experience while in town. I won’t go so far as to say they’re all good choices, that would be a downright fib.  If you have your eye set on a particular Moab Lodge and it hasn’t made my list, don’t get your under layers … Continued

Camping With Conveniences

  Sure the idea of camping out under the stars and being at one with nature is appealing, there’s something euphoric about sleeping in a tent, even if it’s in your own backyard. However, finding a good camping spot, having to pack water and a camp stove, and trying to convince the family that ‘this is … Continued

My Sunny Soapbox

If you’re one of those people that still think you’re invincible from the sun, then pretend that you’ve just been whacked upside the head…and let that be a valuable lesson to you.  If by now you don’t know much about the sun you surely know these two things; it’s bright and it burns- especially in … Continued

Moab Utah Adventure

Moab, Utah is truly one of the great adventure vacation destinations in the world.  With each passing year, it’s fame spreads and more and more people experience the activities it has to offer.  I found a great little article about Moab.  The article is titled “Best Little Adventure Town in the USA is in Utah”.  … Continued

Horseback Ride In Moab!

Whether you have experience riding a horse or not, you can still enjoy Moab horseback riding.  Experienced guides will assist you with Moab horseback riding.  These guides will make you feel comfortable with the horses and teach you techniques that will help you navigate the journey through the uneven terrain. Utah is fast becoming the preferred … Continued

What You Need To Mountain Bike In Utah

If you love the outdoors, then Moab Utah mountain biking is the ideal opportunity to experience the rush of peddaling through spectacular red rock scenery or on alpine trails.  Mountain biking in Moab, Utah is the ideal choice for the enthusiast who loves this sport. If you have any problems with your bike or need … Continued

Hop On A Bike And Enjoy Moab!

Moab Utah mountain biking is an ideal sport for the adventurous and fun loving.  You can use the bike to navigate the rugged trails of the desert and enjoy the beauty of the sandstone landscape. There are a number of trails that are available depending on your experience and preference.  The desert sandstone will test … Continued

Buns of Steel? I Think….Not!

 I have just recently given up bending.  Yes, you read correctly, I’m opposed to bending anything that’s attached to my body…because it hurts.  Last week my parents came to visit and my mom and I hiked Moab. Literally, we hiked Moab. All my life I’ve lived in the dark shadows of my mother’s athleticism. It was only … Continued

What To Bring On Your White Water Rafting Trip

If you are thinking of going on a white water rafting trip this Spring or Summer, you’ll want to make a list of things that you think you’ll need. Here are some essentials: Bathing suit or quick drying shorts Sun block and lip balm A good Hat Water Sandals Sunglasses and eye glass retainer A good … Continued