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Courtney Miller

The Daily

 The Colorado River Full-Day Rafting Trip, or as we like to call it here at the Moab Adventure Center, The Daily, is a great opportunity to see some beautiful scenery and get a taste of the Colorado River rapids.  With class 1 and 2 rapids (on a 5 class scale) it’s a great opportunity for … Continued

Wall Street

 When you hear the words "Wall Street" most people think of the financial district in New York City, however, here in Moab Utah, Wall Street is synonymous with Moab Rock Climbing.  Just a fifteen minute drive from the Moab city center down Potash road and you are at the base of more than 100 established climbing … Continued

Culvert Canyon Wash

 Culvert Canyon Wash is a great Moab Hiking Trail.  Located ten and a half miles down Potash Road past Wall Street, a popular Moab Rock Climbing Destination, and past the Corona Arch Trail head, you will see a small parking lot and a culvert that runs under the train tracks.  Park your car and pass … Continued

Yoga on top of Park Avenue

 While I enjoy practicing yoga in a studio free of distractions, I really love to find interesting places outdoors to practice yoga, which can add many more layers and elements to a practice.  One sunny morning I road my bike up to Arches National Park, in search of the perfect spot to do some yoga.  I … Continued

Climbing Owl Rock

While you can not rock climb on any named arches, there still are many great Moab Rock Climbing routes in Arches National Park.  One beautiful morning my boyfriend Jake and I took the motorcycle up through the park to Owl Rock, a popular tower for rock climbing.  Owl Rock is 100 feet tall and located … Continued

Fisher Towers

On a gorgeous day with just a few white fluffy clouds painted in the sky, Jacob and I took the motorcycle up Route 128, also know as, River Road, which is one of the Most Scenic Drives in America.  We followed the road in between the meandering river and the steep canyon walls until they opened up into a beautiful valley.  … Continued

Disc Golf @ The Adventure Base Camp

My boyfriend, Jacob, is an avid disc golfer, and while I enjoy playing along, I don’t claim to be nearly as good. So when he suggested a 4×4 Moab outing over an hour away to a disc golf course, I thought he was crazy. Until I started doing some research on this course. Located at The Adventure … Continued

Shafer Trail in Canyonlands National Park

There are so many 4X4 Moab options it’s hard to decide which trail to take.  With a good friend and her old rusty truck we decided to take on Gemini Bridges and the Shafer Trail one sunny afternoon.   We headed north on 191 turning left on to the Gemini Bridges trail just across from … Continued